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    Software companies we match you with. But once you qualify, Turing will match you to US Software companies whose job openings you are suitable for.

    Once you qualify for Turing, you may never have to interview for a job again. Today, a Turing developer works full time with a single Turing partner company for months on average, compared to most freelancing websites with very short gigs.

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    Turing projects are typically long term, which gives you the opportunity to grow as a software engineer, which is hard with gigs. Today this is accessible to engineers working locally for Silicon Valley companies, but we want the same to be available forex dapat modal free 2021 exceptional software engineers all over the world.

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    Being software engineers themselves, they realized how much their software career prospects improved merely as a result of relocating to the Silicon Valley. This convinced them that other Silicon Valley companies too could benefit from working with exceptional remote engineers and this was the inspiration behind Turing. Minkšti baldai. Kėdės ir stalai - leojar.

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