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    Using data entities allows prekybos strategija finansams naudojant lms to ensure the integrity of information when extracting and inserting data. In most cases, viewing and manipulating data is done in forms, so copying and pasting functions are added to the OPTION system menu, which is present on almost all forms.

    When copying data, the source is the records of the tables present on the form where the copy function was started.

    When data is inserted, the data entity where the insertion will be performed the recipient is selected from those that are present on the form in which the operation was started. In order for the data insertion operation to be performed, it is necessary to pre-configure the mapping of the source-entity fields to the fields of the recipient entity.

    So, you can configure a lot of data copying scenarios if there are relevant data entities in the system.

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    In this case, there is no need to develop the data copying function - it is enough for an expert to set up a mapping map between entity fields. To facilitate the settings, the function of automatic matching of fields by data types and the function of checking the fields of the recipient entity are created.

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